In simple terms, First Follower is an international consulting firm specialising in designing and executing growth strategies for professional services organisations. Ceinwen McNeil and the First Follower team will find the most direct path forward and light the way for you. 

We do this by reviewing existing strategy (or solidifying strategy where there is none), identifying areas of improvement, developing and then executing a plan to make things work, regardless of whether your business needs only minor tweaking or a radical recalibration.

We don’t hesitate to get our hands dirty and cut through enduring inter-office politics - or step on a few toes if need be – in working with you to build the essential momentum you need to;

  • increase revenue

  • improve profitability (across individual roles, departments or the overall organisation)

  • grow market share

  • attract better clients

Our clients are selected CEOs, senior management, entrepreneurs and owner-operators of businesses with a minimum revenue of $5M US with a growth mindset. 


About Ceinwen

A rare combination of holistically-minded and detail-oriented, Ceinwen (pronounced ‘Kyne-wen’), began her career in the public sector. It was here she began to hone her skill as a fierce negotiator and build the vast network of professional contacts she maintains to this day.

Ceinwen has an impressive list of qualifications, including:

  • Bachelors Degree in Business and Organisational Behaviour

  • Graduate Diploma in Business and Marketing

  • Masters of Public Administration

  • Harvard Business School Leading Professional Services Firms program

She has been headhunted by KPMG and eventually came to direct their Victorian Government Business Development department. Her time at Harvard Business School Leading Professional Services Firms program sparked the bold choice to divert from the expected partner track at KPMG to strike out on her own. She founded First Follower in 2016.

This calculated risk paid off. In just a few short years, Ceinwen’s grounded expertise and forthright attitude has been in high-demand globally, she has been accepted into Harvard’s prestigious ‘Owner President Management’ program and she has left a trail of vastly-improved businesses in her wake.

Click here to go to view a video of Ceinwen in action.