Public Purpose Economy - 2020


Today I have had the opportunity to spend the day with the KPMG National Infrastructure, Government and Healthcare leadership team.  We stopped to think about the question 'what does government look like in 2020?'. 

I have a genuine passion and interest in the role government plays in improving the lives of citizens, families, businesses and their communities.  Yet government cannot do everything; the era of small government is not a stage we are just going through.  We know governments are struggling with increased demand for services, greater citizen centricity and fiscal constraints. This isn't going to go away.

In our discussions today we all raised the issue of technology, the world going faster and the growing pressure on governments to modernise and achieve greater efficiency and citizen centricity.  These are not new concepts.  While government is often best placed to facilitate services to those most in need, increasingly the public, private and not for profit sectors are co-designing and co-producing solutions.  We are all in an ecosystem working to improve outcomes, essentially in a public purpose economy.

Over the past three years I have seen a shift in the way the Victorian Government utilises professional services, my colleagues today agreed that this is reflective of what is happening nationally and also internationally. Partnering is more important as we work shoulder to shoulder as public purpose professionals.  Indeed in December KPMG UK won a landmark contract to deliver high quality, innovative learning to over 400,000 civil servants  nationwide an exciting proposition for all parties.

 My reflection from our discussions today, with leaders such as Michael Hiller, Paul Foxlee, Penny Armytage, Elise Wherry and Liz Forsyth is that we are incredibly proud to be able to offer our experiences and intellect of our people, together with our global resources and agility of KPMG to co-design solutions and enable better outcomes for citizens and communities alike. 

You can see why I love my job.

Put simply my purpose everyday is to ensure we take the best of KPMG, locally, nationally and globally to enable the Victorian Government to achieve better outcomes for citizens and the State.

This in turn generates greater prosperity for the country, making Australia a better place to live and work.

2020 isn't that far away...

Ceinwen McNeil