Executive Coaching


Maximise your leadership presence. 

Harvard Business School professor and social psychologist Amy Cuddy believes presence reveals itself when:

We believe our story. 

We convey confidence without arrogance. 

We communicate harmoniously. 

Drawing on these principles, I work with established and emerging leaders to increase their effectiveness and enable them to act with greater purpose to achieve results, both professionally and personally.

“Ceinwen’s upbeat candor, willingness to listen and sensible style helped us develop better working relationships, focus on team goals, improve our client benefit focus, restore balance, and deliver results.”

Tom Pagonis

Co-Director and Principal Consultant , TLConsult


Why Coaching?

Many of my clients are so focused on growing their business, supporting their employees and responding to clients that they neglect their own learning and growth.

This can result in feeling disconnected from their long-term goals and wondering ‘what am I doing this all for again?’

My coaching clients experience increased self-awareness and confidence as we work together to hone their focus and improve clarity regarding their professional and personal objectives. 

As a coach I work with clients to reflect, clarify and focus on two key areas:

The Personal: Improving executive presence and gravitas, polishing performance with clients and in the market.

The Professional: Increasing effectiveness and achieving results through targeted and purposeful action.

If you are ready to enter a new stage of market leadership, growth and profitability, then let’s talk about achieving your goals. 

Our Programs

There are a number of ways you can incorporate coaching into your life to create powerful and lasting transformation. All my coaching programs are tailored to each client, and can be carried out face-to-face or remotely depending on your needs.

“Tiny tweaks can lead to big changes” 
– Amy Cuddy, Harvard Business Schools


Intensive personal coaching tailored

to your needs and timeframe.


Intensive course designed

for accelerated growth and learning.


On-site focus days for teams

or clients with a reduced time-frame.


Finding the right fit

Finding the right coach is essential, that’s why my services begin with a conversation. This gives you an opportunity to experience my coaching style, and together we will decide if it is the right fit for you. I only work with clients who demonstrate a shared commitment to exceptional client service and the desire to take their business to the next level.

Assessment & Program Design

I spend two full days with you (and I don’t just mean 9-5!) learning about you and your business.  Throughout this time I will observe you going about your day, shadow you at the office, in client meetings, or at an event. This allows me to assess both your strengths and areas for improvement. From here we put together a plan to ensure your future success.

Together we determine which style of program will best suit your needs, goals and availability. Coaching is a journey unique to each client and your program will be tailored to your specific needs, often changing and developing as we progress.


As a leader, you are constantly evaluated on your confidence, connection and charisma.

Increasing your self-awareness and honing your focus through coaching can have an immediate and powerful effect on how others perceive you.

I help my clients to refine their personal and professional strategy in order to build the self-awareness and confidence required for true connection with the people around them. Through coaching we will:

Connect your leadership presence.

Define your goals and direction so that you can act with greater purpose.

Discover the motivation you need to affect change and inspire others.

“In the 12 months that I have been working with Ceinwen, I have really started honing in on big picture goals. Ceinwen has taught me fantastic strategies for engaging with clients on a far more personal level than I previously did. After each weekly meeting, I had a list of actionable items to help me prepare for any upcoming meetings or writing briefs. She understands every issue I bring up instantly and is always able to provide me with genuine, useful and unique advice. Her years of experience have made her a true expert in career development and client relationship management.”
Josh Nightingale
Regional Account Manager, BVT Engineering