Which service package will benefit my business the most?

Our approach is highly tailored to meet the current needs of your unique business and to work towards achieving your future goals. A complimentary consultation with First Follower’s Managing Director, Ceinwen McNeil will determine the best approach for you. If we don’t think we can benefit your business, we will say so!

Do you only work with professional service firms?

We work exclusively with organisations who provide professional services to their clients, including but certainly not limited to management consulting, law, accounting, construction and engineering firms. Our approach is what we like to call “industry agnostic”; we don’t attempt to be subject matter experts for every industry. Instead, our proven techniques provide fresh approaches and generate tangible results for businesses, regardless of the industry.

What do you mean when you say “not all clients are created equal”?

Our experience shows that profitable and sustainable business growth comes from strengthening existing relationships and systematically targeting higher value clients. Too often organisations put the same amount of effort and resources into low-level clients as they do premium-level clients. The First Follower Client Hierarchy pyramid classifies your client base into three distinct segments to enable you to make informed decisions about the allocation of resources to each segment.

Which locations do you operate in?

First Follower improves businesses right across Australia and internationally including New Zealand, Singapore, U.S.A and Canada. We are an agile organisation and use technology to best meet the needs of our clients, wherever you may be located.

Our business is doing pretty well already. What else could you do for us?

We only accept clients who we can clearly benefit. The Stocktake is a great program for when you already have a good sense of what you could be doing to improve but don’t really know how to do this systematically. This package is about building on your success and helping you achieve the next stage of your growth and profit trajectory.

I need a sales training program, does First Follower offer this?

First Follower works with and recommends Win Without Pitching, a global sales training program.  For more information please get in touch.

How do I know if you are working with my competitors?

We have a strict policy of only working with a limited number of organisations who do not compete with each other.


Can’t see your question here?

Please email your question to ceinwen@firstfollower.com