First Follower


Retain & Attract High Value Clients By

Implementing Effective Business Development

and Client Engagement Strategies


The First Follower Package


First Follower is an all-inclusive premium service designed to hone your market engagement strategy and maximise the effectiveness of your team, ensuring your resources are directed toward the highest value clients and activities.


The First Follower Package is perfect for your firm if…

  • You don’t know your client base. You may not know the number of clients you are currently servicing and which clients are profitable.
  • Your firm does not have a clear priority action plan for the next three, six and twelve months. 
  • Your firm often responds reactively to market opportunities instead of strategic, proactive efforts. 
  • Your firm struggles to identify quality investments (i.e. partnerships to sponsorship arrangements) that will benefit your firm and your existing and future clients. 

Through a full analysis of your current business goals, client base and team activities, we will build and implement a comprehensive engagement strategy to elevate the market leadership of your organisation, and provide the focus required to exceed your growth objectives.

Our approach is highly collaborative, and involves in-depth research with your team and clients to ensure genuine results.

We use a three-phase systematic and evidence based process, guaranteed to increase revenue and profitability.

“Ceinwen has the foresight and approach to revolutionize the professional services industry. Her system for extracting the maximum value from existing and potential clients is a proven way to maximize profits. “I recommend you get Ceinwen’s eyes on your business soon.”

Victoria Gibson

Director, Sky High Results Online

Elevate your market leadership,

Exceed your clients’ expectations. 

Our Approach

Utilizing a systematic and evidence based approach, we’ll develop a market and client engagement strategy for your firm using the following three stages:


All about establishing a baseline understanding of your market and client engagement activities, existing client base, and financials (revenue and profit).


We begin the process of socialising your market and client engagement strategy, with your leadership team, beginning with a Current State Workshop.


The validation of the work with your clients and internal stakeholders is an important component, in order to continue to build consensus and momentum.

“Ceinwen’s ability to analyse and deliver on a strategic level is exceptional. She has had a deep impact on our company, and has raised the bar significantly in regards to business development, communications, and accountability at BVT. Thanks to First Follower, I have no doubt we’ll exceed our stretch goals this year.”  

Matt Bishop

Managing Director, BVT Engineering


Stage 1: Current State Diagnostic

In this stage we will establish a baseline understanding of your market and client engagement activities, existing client base, and financials.

This is an interview based program with an agreed number of clients based on the size of your business. We will use a combination of desktop analysis, quantitative techniques and interviews with internal stakeholders and clients to:

  • Understand your overarching strategy and objectives.
  • Establish a quantitative baseline of your clients by quantity, segment, revenue and profitability;
  • Develop a qualitative understanding of what your clients’ value from you. 


Summary report of your top 5 opportunities

Detailing your top 5 client opportunities and recommended strategies to convert to new contracts, or grow existing contracts by a minimum of 10%.

Dashboard report of key findings and emerging themes

Outlining key findings, themes and areas emerging from the Current State analysis, including opportunities and challenges. Suitable for board members and partners.


Stage 2: Strategy Development & Current State Workshop

During this stage we begin the process of socialising your market and client engagement strategy with your leadership team, beginning with a full day Current State Workshop.

This workshop is designed to develop a shared understanding amongst your leadership team of your current state, achieved through group discussion and presentation of the findings from Stage 1.

At the end of the workshop, your team will have a clear understanding of:

  • Your value proposition as seen from the client perspective. Where possible, we will use 1-2 videos of clients who have agreed to be filmed providing their feedback.
  • The type of clients that generate the most financial and intellectual value to the firm.
  • Capability gaps which may exist or prevent the firm from retaining and/or attracting these clients.
  • When to say no to potential clients that will not generate financial and intellectual value.

At the conclusion of the workshop, we will seek to have the group agree on the top five strategic opportunities for the firm to pursue over the next twelve months, and who is to own them.


Comprehensive market and client engagement strategy

Designed to elevate the awareness, industry standing and market leadership of your organisation, to increase the pool of potential clients and extract maximum value out of existing clients.

Overarching summary of priority actions

Identified priority actions for the next three, six and twelve months and those accountable for implementation.


Stage 3: Validation, Implementation and Accountability

Our final stage is focused on the validation and implementation of the evidence based market and client engagement strategy developed during stages 1 and 2.

At this time we will return to the clients who we engaged with in Stage 1 to validate the strategy. This is a powerful way to demonstrate the level of commitment your organisation has to listening, responding and refining its approach to client service, and will allow you to continue building consensus and momentum internally.

We establish ongoing accountability through regular health-checks to ensure the success of your strategy. At the 3, 6 and 12-month milestones we will meet to discuss your progress and results to date, and keep your team progressing effectively.

We also offer ongoing executive coaching as an additional service during this period. This can be for individuals or for small groups depending on your requirements and is charged on a retainer basis.



Validated market and client engagement strategy

Overarching summary document including priority actions for the next 3, 6 and 12 months.

Dashboard reports at key milestones

Reporting on each milestone health-check, as well as a full 12-month progress report including high-level next step recommendations.

“Ceinwen’s approach to developing and executing market and client engagement strategies is systematic, evidence based and highly personalised to your business and generates genuine return on investment.Ceinwen’s background in a Big 4 professional services firm and government relations makes her a consummate professional and a pleasure to work with.”

Josh Wilson

CEO, Monarch Institute

Elevate your market leadership, 

Exceed your clients’ expectations.