A frank and fearless advisor offering a fresh perspective and a crystal-clear path towards growth.


That’s what Ceinwen McNeil and First Follower will add to your business. Whenever you’re ready to grow your revenue, profitability and market share or expand your portfolio of premium clients, we’re here primed and ready to make that happen. We collaborate with you to pinpoint objectives, develop proven strategies and ensure you succeed.

We deliver measurable results. But we like to think that what we do is invaluable.  



Our Philosophy


Among Ceinwen’s data-driven strategic arsenal is the ‘Win Without Pitching’ concept. Based on the world-renowned manifesto conceived by visionary Blair Enns, Win Without Pitching revolutionizes traditional thinking on how to win and influence clients and how to position yourself as the leading expert in your field.

Ceinwen and Blair Enns were the first consultancies to take this concept and adapt it to the corporate and professional services industries.