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Package 1:
Positioning for Success

positioning 1 wide.png
  • Articulate how to become and remain unique in the market;

  • Determine a perspective that differentiates the organisation from its direct competitors;

  • Express that focus in a leadership claim of expertise for use in meetings, website and marketing/thought leadership materials; and

  • Agree focus and discipline in the market (what are you going to say no to?).

Developing this positioning will include:

  • Review of existing strategy documents, client data, business plans and/or other relevant information;

  • Interview selection of clients to obtain their feedback as to the value your organisation provides and areas for improvement;

  • Engage with key stakeholders to capture their insights; and

  • Growth strategy workshop.

Fixed fee (approximately 3 month engagement)

Package 2:
Positioning + Growth Strategy

growth 2 wide.png
  • As per Option 1 Positioning for Success;

  • Executive coaching with nominated representative to:

    • Prioritise day to day and week to week decisions to develop the habits of enabling time to focus on value creation activities;

    • Prepare for key client meetings, events and speaking opportunities;

    • Shadow at key client meetings and events to identify areas for improvement and key strengths to exploit;

    • Provide accountability regarding implementation to ensure focus on activity which benefits the long term growth of organisation; and

    • This is delivered through weekly meetings and on demand calls as necessary and able.

  • Utilising the Client Hierarchy framework to segment your client base, and create demand generation program reflecting your revised positioning and target market.

  • Grow margins from existing clients and pipeline through advising on proposal creation, pricing and delivery as opportunities arise, shifting gross margin > 25%.

Six-month commitment, monthly retainer plus commission on new business

Package 3:
Positioning, Growth Strategy + Execution

execute 1 wide.png
  • As per Option 2 plus execution of demand creation program;

  • WWP training for selected team members;

  • Tailored value creation program guaranteed uplift of $1M in new value within twelve months.

Twelve-month to twenty four month commitment, monthly retainer plus commission on new value over $1M