Win Without Pitching: Professional Services

Introducing a new wave of revenue driven methodology to the professional services industry.

Consider yourself in the midst of a business development revolution in the professional services industry. Combining forces with Blair Enn's (xxxxx), First Follower is proud to have launched Win without Pitching Professional Services to the ASPAC region in October 2018.  

Having recognised a need to transform consulting practices in the professional services industry, this partnership endeavours to inform business leaders of a new, revenue-driven approach to business development. Our value pricing methodology and value creation principles have successfully transformed consultative businesses including; architectural, construction and design firms, legal services, consulting engineers and accountants.

Achieve more profitability outside of the billable hour.

The current model of time and materials, ‘the billable hour’, adopted by most professional services firms is a severely outdated model. The professional services landscape of today is becoming increasingly crowded and highly commoditised, resulting in a price-cutting race to the bottom. Competing for work in a highly contested market using traditional pricing approaches, erodes profitability and ultimately damages the commercial longevity of businesses.

In a professional services environment, it is not time or materials that is being sold; it is value. This value is created by professionals who are drawing on their intellect, networks and collective power of their organisations in an era of collaboration and co-design. Something that cannot be easily replicated, unlike time or materials. The Win Without Pitching methodology is a contemporary approach to business development that enables business leaders to achieve extraordinary value creation for their clients and their firm.


Footage from the Melbourne launch event: