Introducing a new wave of revenue driven methodology to the professional services industry.

Having recognised a need to transform consulting practices in the professional services industry, this partnership endeavours to inform business leaders of a new, revenue-driven approach to business development. Our value pricing methodology and value creation principles have successfully transformed consultative businesses including; architectural, construction and design firms, legal services, consulting engineers and accountants.

Achieve more profitability outside of the billable hour.

The current model of time and materials, ‘the billable hour’, adopted by most professional services firms is a severely outdated model. The professional services landscape of today is becoming increasingly crowded and highly commoditised, resulting in a price-cutting race to the bottom. Competing for work in a highly contested market using traditional pricing approaches, erodes profitability and ultimately damages the commercial longevity of businesses.

In a professional services environment, it is not time or materials that is being sold; it is value. This value is created by professionals who are drawing on their intellect, networks and collective power of their organisations in an era of collaboration and co-design. Something that cannot be easily replicated, unlike time or materials. The Win Without Pitching methodology is a contemporary approach to business development that enables business leaders to achieve extraordinary value creation for their clients and their firm.


Our Packages

Package 1:
Positioning for Success

positioning 1 wide.png

Articulate how to become and remain unique in the market;

  • Determine a perspective that differentiates the organisation from its direct competitors;

  • Express that focus in a leadership claim of expertise for use in meetings, website and marketing/thought leadership materials; and

  • Agree focus and discipline in the market (what are you going to say no to?).

Developing this positioning will include:

  • Review of existing strategy documents, client data, business plans and/or other relevant information;

  • Interview selection of clients to obtain their feedback as to the value your organisation provides and areas for improvement;

  • Engage with key stakeholders to capture their insights; and

  • Growth strategy workshop.

Fixed fee (approximately 3 month engagement)

Package 2:
Positioning + Growth Strategy

growth 2 wide.png

As per Option 1 Positioning for Success;

  • Executive coaching with nominated representative to:

    - Prioritise day to day and week to week decisions to develop the habits of enabling time to focus on value creation activities;

    - Prepare for key client meetings, events and speaking opportunities;

    - Shadow at key client meetings and events to identify areas for improvement and key strengths to exploit;

    - Provide accountability regarding implementation to ensure focus on activity which benefits the long term growth of organisation; and

    - This is delivered through weekly meetings and on demand calls as necessary and able.

  • Utilising the Client Hierarchy framework to segment your client base, and create demand generation program reflecting your revised positioning and target market.

  • Grow margins from existing clients and pipeline through advising on proposal creation, pricing and delivery as opportunities arise, shifting gross margin > 25%.

Six-month commitment, monthly retainer plus commission on new business

Package 3:
Positioning, Growth Strategy + Execution

execute 1 wide.png

As per Option 2 plus execution of demand creation program;

  • WWP training for selected team members;

  • Tailored value creation program guaranteed uplift of $1M in new value within twelve months.

Twelve-month to twenty four month commitment, monthly retainer plus commission on new value over $1M

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Footage from the Melbourne launch event:


The seminar has been approved by the Australian Institute of Architects for 2 formal CPD points in the competency of Practice Management. If you have attended one of our Win Without Pitching Professional Services events and would like to claim your CPD points, please contact us at